Our reverse flow "pipe smoker" is built out of 3/8" (average) rolled steel. These smokers are very efficient and are heat holding monsters! Don't be fooled by old fasioned looks. The round style firebox is much more efficient than the square style. They are only cheaper because there is less welding to be done than with standard square firebox. Here in Colorado we cook on these smokers in the dead of winter. Prime Rib Christmas eve? No problem with these thick and heavily built pipe smokers. This is our standard size that comes with a 40 inch long cook chamber, and 20 inch long firebox. These smokers come in either a 20" Diameter or 24" Diameter size. These are the perfect size for your back yard events!
The smoker in the above picture has the optional wood storage grate, and 2nd level thermometer installed and are not included in the stock unit price. Please note that we no longer offer the solid steel wheels and use high weight wheels with solid rubber tread. See below for the pricing of the individual options available with these smokers.
Reverse Flow "Pipe" smokers!
20 Inch diameter patio pipe smoker - $1899.00 1000+ sq inches of cooking area
These smokers come stock with two pull out grates in the cook chamber and one in the firebox. Single color coded temp gauge above the lower grate, and a shelf in front to hold food and tools.
24 Inch diameter patio pipe smoker - $2099.00 1250+ sq inches of cooking area
Prices do not include shipping!
2nd level thermometer Add $50.00
Wood / storage rack on bottom Add $150.00
Meat probe port for your remote meat thermometers Add $35.00 each
Order with form below or call us at 303-263-6459!
Please note that all our smokers are made to order and we rarely have stock on hand. Please contact us for our current schedule.
Custom trailered 24" diameter pipe smoker
This smoker has a 60 inch long cook chamber and is perfect for large gatherings, light catering, or even competition!
Please allow 2 business days for quotes and schedule information
Base Price $4595.00
*Does not include chrome stack or any apllicable sales taxes
Trailered Pipe Smoker
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