Reverse flow smoker diagram
Why reverse flow?

Patriot's BBQ reverse flow smokers are designed to run and cook more efficiently than standard flow smokers. Not only are temperatures more consistant from end to end, but the reverse flow increases combustion which creates a "cleaner" smoke that significantly reduces ash and soot from reaching your food. This is the type of smoke that you want for creating fantastic barbecue. You can and will taste the difference!

How does it work?

A reverse flow smoker is a smoker which utilizes a "baffle plate" that is welded into the "cook chamber" to control the flow of smoke and heat being generated in the firebox. This baffle plate in the main cook chamber serves several purposes. The first is to act as a heat sink to absorb heat and then to allow that heat to radiate into the cook chamber evenly so that temperatures are well distributed. This heat sink also serves as what is called a thermal mass which helps with temperature stability and temperature recovery when the smoke chamber is opened. The second purpose is to restrict the draft in the smoker to assist with complete combustion of your fuels. Better combustion means better flavor in the smoke that is cooking your meat! The baffle plate also catches drippings from the meat. These drippings will vaporize and add flavor to your meats instead of being collected in the bottom of a pit. You can also partially fill the baffle with water, beer, or fruit juices which will provide some humidity in the cook chamber that can also help with the flavor of your meats. At the end of the smoke, you can simply open the cleaning valve and drain the left over fats and liquids into a bucket for disposal. The diagram below illustrates the airflow in a reverse flow smoker.

Reverse Flow Smokers
A difference you can taste!
The diagram above shows how the heat and smoke flow from the firebox, under the baffle plate, then back around through the cook chamber, and out the chimney. This reverse flow technology is quite simply the finest way to smoke your food.
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