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Competition smoker
Patriot's BBQ builds Reverse Flow patio and trailer mounted smokers. We build smokers to our customer's specifications. The days of having to accept a smoker that was mass produced to someone else's specifications is over! A deposit of 50% is required before booking any project. All prices given will be for the smoker only and do not reflect shipping or delivery. Delivery outside Colorado will be via an independant LTL freight company. Please note that we do not have a retail facility, or keep stock of smokers.
On this page you will find just a few examples of smokers which we have done. To get a quote for your smoker, please go to the "Get Your Quote" page and fill out the form. We will have a quote back to you within two business days for your custom smoker. Our prices for standard configuration smokers (square firebox) start at $1949.00 for a basic patio unit, and $4000.00 for a basic trailer mounted smoker. We build quality smokers that run the way a smoker should, for you, not against you! You will love them for the way they look, and want to marry them for the way they cook!
Our patio smokers will out perform and exceed all of your expectations! Everything is made from quality American steel. Slide out grates in both the smoke chamber and firebox make cooking and clean up a breeze. The reverse flow design makes for increased temperature stability and faster cook times. Get your quote today!
Reverse flow patio smoker with grill on firebox. Grill doors are only available on non-insulated fireboxes
This smoker has a 48 inch long by 20 inch diameter cook chamber with an insulated firebox and chrome exhaust stack. An extremely effeciant smoker!
Competition size smoker mounted on a flat bed trailer
Why a Patriot's BBQ smoker? We designed our smokers from a cooks point of view. They run and cook clean at any altitude! We have competed with our smokers from near sea level to over 9000 feet. Here are some of our other attributes your should know.
-- We build our cook chambers with 3/8 inch steel.
-- Our fireboxes are a minimum of 1/4" plate, and offer thicker.
-- Our airflow system is based on airflow engineering and fire science. Not someones best guess.
-- Our welder is certified in Mig, Stick, and Tig welding
-- We do smokers one at a time so that you get what you want.
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Due to build location issue's, we are not taking any new orders for summer of 2014 smoker builds. We are sorry for any incoviences, but hope to resume as soon as possible. We do not carry any on hand stock!