Patriot's BBQ Spice Rub
Patriot's BBQ Beef and Shoulder Spice Rub is NOW AVAILABLE! We used this rub straight from the bottle to win many trophies and ribbons in BBQ competitions. This rub can be used on Brisket, Roasts, Pork Shoulders, Chicken, Ribs, Chops, Veal, Lamb, and the best Prime Rib you will ever have. We even use it on our egg salad and coleslaw! It's just that good! You will also find that it is very low in salt compared to most seasonings. At about 150mg per serving it is 7 times less on average than most name brands.
This award winning rub has turned into a use all rub that works on everything. We might call it "Beef and Shoulder", but you will love how it works on everything from meat, seafood, and even egg salad!
$6.49 for 10 oz bottle +shipping
$18.99 for 3 bottles + shipping
Shipping is $5.75 USPS Priority Mail for one to three bottles so you save a bunch if you order in quantity. For orders greater than three bottles please call us at 303-263-6459. We do offer case discounts and will charge current USPS shipping rates.
We also use this rub for our catering! If you need a BBQ caterer that can supply your wedding, business or private event with great BBQ and sides, please visit our catering website at
We will be working on a new batch soon!